This is the home page for the Utilities module.


The Utilities module is made up of four sub-modules:

  • openfile – for opening arbitrary files,
  • pdf – for opening PDF files,
  • search – for searching files accessible from within the IDE,
  • url – for creating web bookmarks.

Open File

The Open File utilitiy allows to open any file in the IDE. It is useful if one wants to open some file but the file is not otherwise accessible from within the IDE, e.g. if it does not belong to any of the currently opened projects. It is the accessible through action File / Open File….

The Open File utility also provides the ability to open a file from a command line, or generally from outside the IDE, by sending a corresponding request to the IDE. It allows to associate Java files with the IDE such that when a Java file is activated in the desktop user interface (e.g. by double-clicking on the file's icon), the file is opened in the IDE (if the IDE is not running at the moment, it is automatically started).


This module's only task is to recognize PDF DataObjects and present them in the IDE, usually as menu items. Menu item Keyboard Shortcuts in the Help is a good example. When the menu item is selected, a PDF viewer is started and the PDF file represented by the object (menu item) is displayed.


This sub-module provides the capability to search projects and folders for files, using various criteria. By default, four search criteria are implemented: object name, full text content, object type, and object modification date. Other criteria may be plugged in by other IDE modules.


This module's only task is to recognize URL DataObjects and present them in the IDE, usually as menu items. Several menu items in the Help menu represent URL objects – when you select such a menu item, the given web page is displayed in a web browser.

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Utilities was started in November 2009, is owned by Antonin Nebuzelsky, and has 45 members.
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